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    Hemp Bombs  – Best for Anxiety’

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    • Summary: Hemp Bomb is the up and coming product and when you’re looking for premium, they are a good place to shop. They go straight to the source and it is extracted from superior premium hemp that is organic and certified in terms of health standards. The hemp is grown using sustainability methods with non-GMO materials. The hemp farms they work with are top notch which you can see in their product. All of their products are currently manufacture in-house which allows them to control key parts of their supply chain. Many CBD companies have multiple different manufacturers throughout the supply chain which leaves room for breakage. All of the products are guaranteed through verified lab testing with ingredients.
    • Additional Benefits from Hemp Bombs: The team here at Production Grower actually went ahead and did some testing internally on the effects of Hemp Bombs CBD product and we came away extremely impressed. We measured for a variety of different things and the most common improvements that we saw were: 1) Mood 2) Sleep Quality 3) Stress. We tested this with over 10 different test subjects and 95% reported an uptick in mood. 70% reported an uptick in sleep quality and 64% reported an reduction of stress. Consumers that are shopping for CBD can feel confident they are in good hands if they are buying Hemp Bombs. The true strength of the Hemp Bombs brand is that they control the manufacturing process from plant to product line.
    • Various Doses: Available in 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg bottles.
    • Price Ranges: $49.00 – $299.00
    • thc vape juice, weed vape juice, liquid thc, marijuana vape juice, thc e juice, Texas, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Bakersfield, New Orleans, Louisiana

    • We reviewed hundreds of CBD oils available on the market as of February 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the best product for alleviating your anxiety, stress or chronic pain. Each CBD oil was evaluated across a variety of factors: potency, purity, price, anxiety & stress reduction impact, pain relief efficacy, customer reviews, flavor profiles and more, and these CBD oils are truly the best options out there.

      Have a question about a specific CBD oil for anxiety, stress or pain relief? Ask us in the comments!

      Keep in mind, price can fluctuate over time so we will try to update the prices as frequently as possible. Please refer to the product links in each of the sections to get the most up to date pricing information from the manufacturer’s websites.

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    200mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, 5000mg


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