Martian Rocks

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    Martian Rocks

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    The world’s strongest bud! Lab tests confirm it at 98.2 % THC. A top shelf-nug is first dipped in hash oil, dusted with fire kief, rolled in a CBD extract, coated in pure THC crystals, doused in CO2 Oil, lovingly smothered in bud budder. Generously sprinkled with green crack, followed by a dash of dank dust, and finally a refreshing dip in weed jello-o.Martian rocks are so strong they prove a challenge even for the most experienced smokers. Known as the father of all highs and has a wide fanbase among consumers

    Reason for the legalization of medical marijuana in the world this greens keep us good and help for the reduction of pain i preferred to take medical marijuana than drinking alcohol or taken tobacco and medical marijuana is good for the health and if you feel tired and depress medical marijuana help you a lot to reduce stress and take you away of bad dreams and the rest you all know , so we have to fight for the legalization of this leaf as it give us joy and help lot of our parent and grand mother out of cancer and insomnia 

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    1 review for Martian Rocks

    1. 5 out of 5

      Scott Greenstein

      Great strain great taste great High I’m here typing this about 45 mins after I smoked a blunt of martian rocks feeling great 😎 very relaxing and very uplifting.

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